Why Pehle AAP T Shirts?

You see them everywhere. T-shirts with giant prints on them… By wearing these T-shirts, people turn into living billboards. To make a sensible statement utilizing this culture, We have developed Intelligent T-shirts for supporting AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).

Pehle AAP is a voluntary venture of an IITian & an MBA to support AAP by providing a creative media and here is what our AAP T-shirts will do for you:

1. AAP (anytime, anywhere publicity) – Now you can put across your ideas, beliefs, values and philosophies without even verbalizing them. You can wear these intelligent and classy T-shirts to a public gathering, an outing with mates, parties, malls and wherever you want as T-shirts are ageless in fashion.

2. Unique Concept – The concept of using T-shirts for promoting our philosophy, approach and beliefs is totally new in the domain of Political Promotions. Not only the members, but AAP fans, supporters, admirers, followers and everyone who has a sense of belonging can become your promoter or advocate.

3. Inexpensive Promotion - All of us wear t-shirts. Pehle AAP t-shirts are made of 100% premium combed cotton and are available for just Rs. 399. Wear a t-shirt that is socially smart and at the same time inspire everyone around, wherever you go. Walk and let the Tee Talk or upload it on facebook and let the world talk about it.

4. Intelligent Designs with premium quality – Want to do something different to support your cause or your party? This is the route to it. The T-shirts are made of Premium combed cotton which have a great life and low maintenance.

5. Word-of-mouth – AAP is already known to be a modern party with modern people. Our T-shirts will help in enhancing the Modern and Intelligent image of AAP.

6. Media Coverage – The novelty and intelligence of the concept will attract high media attention both online and offline and would save us the cost of releases and promotion.

7. Donation to AAP – On sale of each t-shirt Rs. 10 will be donated to AAP, thus contributing to the party fund. With this campaign, We can re-emphasize our outlook that bringing and communicating change doesn’t need to be expensive.The AAP T-shirts are exclusively available on www.pehleaaptee.in